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Paul Pogba – Stuck In Time!

Date of Composition: 18th August 2023 | 08:42 pm PST.

This Could Have Been Something Beautiful!

This Could Have Been Something In Paradise!

He’s Not A Thief But He Was Worth A Vision!

He’s Not 18 But He Was The One They Listed!

He Was Born In Their Home But He Was The One They Visited!

On The TV, I Was A Witness!

You Were A Witness!

They Were All Witnesses!

He Knew How To Guard The Ball,

You Couldn’t Take It Off Him!

Paul Pogba The Rolls Royce,

He Knew How To Curve The Ball!

Sir Alex Denied Him…

Jose Mourinho Deprived Him…

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Reinstalled Him!

But In The End, It Wasn’t About The Money…

Paul Pogba, The Hairstyle Man…

Paul Pogba The Freestyler…

Paul Pogba The Dabbing Dancer,..

But We Never Saw Paul Pogba The Footballer!

This is a photo I started making of Paul Pogba celebrating his first goal for Manchester United at Old Trafford during his first season at the club. It was against Leceister City on September 24th, 2016 and he scored a bullet header in the second half. Here he is in front of the adoring fans with a unique celebration. He ran some 20 feet and then stood still as he took in the air in front of the home fans in an ‘Eric Cantona-esque’ fashion, another Frenchman if not the best French footballer to ever play for Manchester United. Apart from sharing the same National Flag, the two players were similar in that they brought a certain grace to the football pitch but let’s just say that with Paul Pogba, we could only always tell that his boots were filled with talent; throughout his Man United career, the gold and silver remained permanently stuck inside his boots!

The Incomplete Picture exemplifies Paul Pogba’s Manchester United career.

I couldn’t complete the picture as my PC crashed and the painting software I was using was no longer in production…

And Paul Pogba couldn’t complete his Manchester United Promise despite being brought back to the club in whose Academy Youth System he was developed for a World Record Signing Fee because…

Well, Because He Never Came Out Of His Boots!

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