Last Four Lines In The Book:

I’m going to leave you now, but please don’t leave your eyes open…
You can have a single strand of my long red hair, it will keep you in between my X chromosomes…
Relax your mind and remain relapsed in time, my past is in line with your reincarnated memory.
I’ll kiss you goodbye, but I’m now in your vibe, you’ll never relapse because my backdoor is finally open

POEM: RELAPSE - 10th Dec 2022 - The Only Poem I Wish She'd Compose For Me.


EvolutionR is a book to celebrate my 33rd Birthday on this planet.

I have associated the word ‘R’ with several words such as reversing and rewinding, but essentially it means a point in time when you have to go back as regards your thoughts or where you are.

You would learn more about the way I think in the poems, ‘Space’ and ‘Do you speak my language?’

I don’t believe in evolution and this is not a revolution.

I have reached a point where I feel like my brain has matured ahead of my time,

I want to celebrate my next birthday but I don’t feel like I have to.

I am still moving forward but I am no longer revolving.

Enjoy This Miracle Mind and a World Beneath What We See!