The Brownies collection was inspired by the artwork ‘Overpopulation’ as it led to a temporary love triangle between me, the black color, and a shade between cream and brown.

I had been having creative block for a while, everything I was trying to draw wasn’t coming off. So I decided to open a new canvas, try a different color and just let loose. 

I loved the final result and I named it as I saw it. Overpopulation got me so ecstatic that I decided I wanted to make a series related to human beings while restricting myself to shades of only those colors. You can think of the collection as a glimpse into the life of the Brownies.

The next was Eccentricity. I tried to capture  unconventionalism  while accommodating some humor as well. 

Third was Communication. I used different facial expressions and attitudes to convey interactions and non verbal cues between the brownies.

Next is my personal favorite, Vibrance. I was actually stuck for about 3 days with just the 3 head figures drawn, I pondered what kind of action I could embody to increase the fascination.

The fifth and final one was Silhouettes, I needed a week to decide what I was going to draw. At the end, I felt like I had stretched my creativity to its climax as far as the Brownies were concerned.

You never know however, there just might be more to come from life with the Brownies.

Stay tuned!