Respectful Ideation ebook by Dr. Adeboye Oluwajuyitan


It is my third book of poems where I use unconventional thinking and a fun vibe to create amazing pieces. By the way, it has a bit of erotica (in just one poem), so you may want to be wary of that, though tasteful (Sensual Kamasutra) if it is not your thing.

Read more about the poems in the book in these medium collections:

Respectful Ideation Excerpts

Respectful Ideation is also available on Amazon in Paperback format.

My Favourite Poem is DREAMING – also available to read for free on medium.

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‘RESPECTFUL IDEATION’ is a painting & abstract concept coined by Dr. Adeboye Oluwajuyitan in May 2016.

RESPECTFUL IDEATION is the reluctance to permit the association of different individual mental impressions when there is no unquestionable basis for the link. Even though creating a deliberate interaction between these polymorphic thoughts would make for a more contended cognitive system, the probability of blemishing the truth preserves respect in the intuitive sphere.

In this collection of poems, Dr. Adeboye displays his flair for rhyming, connotations, and the unexpected. As he stars in his poem titled, ‘Symbolism’;

Connections or Collections?
My World of Art is ready for your Listening Institutions!
I’m no stylus Paintbrush and no, I’m not  going to spell the word, ‘Hippopotamus’,
Just think of this as an open-minded course for your Hippocampus!

This product contains adult material. Not suitable for persons aged 18 and below.

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