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Hey, hay, A, A!
I’m in the ether but I don’t see any waves!
Hey, hear, A, A!
Music is lyrics and so is my day!

B, Be, Bee, It’s a Bee!
With Butterfly wings and bright Beetle colors!
B, Be, Bee, Being!
I’m also in the ether and I think your voice is awesome!

Oh, will you play with me?
Oh, did you name the Bee?
A, hey, I would love to, and B, no, I just set the Bee free!
But the game rules Are tedious and the time difference is real.

I didn’t think it was that Serious but I See what you mean.
I guess I’ll just take a short stroll and See where it leads.
First, do let me take a shower but please get back to me.
I’m really enjoying this game and don’t forget we’re at syllable ‘C’!

THat’s great news, please Do play as you Deem fit.
As for me, I’ll Definitely retort but for now, kindly let me Eat.
Everything can be Easy as long as we let it Flow.
Forgive my Grammatical errors, I’m distracted by a Flower in the Green.

Purity by Adeboye Oluwajuyitan
PURITY by Adeboye Oluwajuyitan

A Flower in the Green? Well, Go Get it and bring it into your Home!
But before you Go, make sure you turn off the Gas cooker or stove.
Hardly do I ever see flowers, as I am mostly Inside my abode.
But my Kitchen has a view of a Lovely Lake, you Know what, I think I Just saw a dove!

Mine doesn’t, however, My Neighborhood is rural and full of Lots of Meadows.
Some are Next to my house and just Nearby, you can also find a stream.
It’s nothing like an Ocean but the scenes are refreshing especially when Observed from the attic’s window.
All this talk about Nature Makes Me want to go Out and have a Pleasant swim!

Quite nice to hear, I Think I’ll Take off for my Refreshing Stroll now.
Tell me more about your Town, it Sounds like a Really Quiet and Restful area.
YoU’Ve not told me What flower You saw and I’ll also like to know, What’s Your favorite Weather?
I’ve got to go, we have two Zebras in our Zoo, please, tell me your name is Xavier?

The Befibrillator

Adeboye Oluwajuyitan. M.D., MSC Cardiology. Author | Artist | Health Coach. I play the piano in my spare time.