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Beer Sequence!

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If I stepped out of my car to help an old lady cross the street, could I have my license plates and hazard lights made blue?

– Adeboye Oluwajuyitan, M.D., from Book, EvolutionR

Beer Sequence!

Poem  - Date of Composition: 27th June 2024 | 02:39 am PST.

I’ve lived in an eggshell but I still don’t know what to wear…

I have two and a half friends but I pretend

I’m half-bred but I swim loaf bread

I like chess but I don’t go first!

I think when I drink whole beer!

Emptiness is the reason for the fear

Sacrifices are worth the risk instead

Evolution is not the natural sequence!

Save through, I don’t mine art!

Save food, I don’t pie chart!

Replace who? I don’t have heart!

The sky rules, but I don’t know how to STARt!

The Befibrillator

Adeboye Oluwajuyitan. M.D., MSC Cardiology. Author | Artist | Health Coach. I play the piano in my spare time.