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My Light! – A Poetic Expression Of Awe & Fondness.

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Now, what do you actually think of me, because I know what you forever feel… And if I lent you my eyes to look at yourself, have you thought of what details I actually see?

Adeboye Oluwajuyitan, from EvolutionR (Poem — RELAPSE: The Only Poem I Wish She’d Compose For Me).

Dancing To Sensational By Chris Brown And Davido | Youtube © BEFIBRILLATOR


Poem  -  Date of Composition: 10th February 2024.

Which of the Seasons makes you Snow?

I don’t always enjoy the rain but I love the richness of her soul!

Whether it rains, whether it pours…

My heart is unable to deserve all her flaws!

I want to be in unison with your heart!

Please don’t ever underscore the texture of my scars

I love your art and I love the essence of your smile

And as time flows on, I earnestly feel like this is written in the stars!

Save me a chocolate bar but don’t save me the bottle of gin!

While I’m with you, I’ll never need to be high because your pheromones give me the perfect feel!

Mask off, Power on!

I’m ready to connect with you genuinely in an electrical bond!

You light my light and I like your style!

As I hug you fully in my arms, let’s pretend to be free and alive!

Alive finally and free from the chains of time!

Let’s walk down a new path together and never again dance to the rhythms of lonely weather!

The Befibrillator

Adeboye Oluwajuyitan. M.D., MSC Cardiology. Author | Artist | Health Coach. I play the piano in my spare time.