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25 To LIFE

Sometimes in life, we tend to forget our value and we end up sacrificing ourselves to other people or things.

25 to Life depicts the awakening of a soul to the realization that it is invaluable and should not be surrendered to anything or anybody. Sometimes we give ourselves off either because of a craving or because we feel that something might be a good fit. It’s like crushing on someone for a long time but then finding out that the person does not show a similar interest in you. Some other examples:

2. Associating yourself with people you call ‘friends’ even though they have shown time and time again that they are nothing of the sort. A person keeps drawing you back, bringing up negative emotions in you or belittling you and/or your ambitions, yet you continue to accommodate him/her in your life, while you suffer.

3. You refuse to cut short an unhappy relationship when you know it’s not working. I talk about this in an earlier controversial blog post:

  • Relationships are supposed to be materialized, not institutionalized. The only basis for institutionalized relationships is the vague label placed upon the parties by virtue of convention.
  • Institutionalized relationships give the impression of a `false’ sense of bonding, strictly speaking, ‘an unbreakable bond’, which in reality is not the case and can never be the case. Even two of the strongest bonds in nature, the ionic bond and the covalent bond can and do get broken occasionally. Talk less of a relationship between two biological beings.
  • The end result of such standardized relationships is a splitting of the self; a giving off of the soul while fighting to keep this ‘false connection’ consistent. When in reality the only enemy that deserves to be fought is the fear that is holding them back from living a life of freedom; having the choice of breaking undesirable bonds and developing deliberate connections.

4. You invest a lot in trying to get a particular job or contract but are not receiving commensurate attention or your value is not being appropriately appreciated.

There should be a limit to how much of your energy and time you give to something that is not working for you, before you decide it’s time to move on.

25 To Life is about knowing when and where to draw the line.

The PRISON CELL is a room harboring all the things you have placed your ‘heart’ under bondage to.

The HEART-FIGURE is your existence; your energy and your time.

The LIGHT with its pathway is about waking up and realizing that enough is enough, there is a door and you are free to leave.


25 to life expresses an identification of both an objective and a subjective reality; identifying when that thing you really want or that thing you have invested so much in, is starting to hold you back. It is not about giving up, it’s about getting out of the jail you put yourself in. There is no chain or lock hindering you; you are the only obstacle holding yourself back. All you have to do is ‘get up and leave’. It’s time to go, it’s time to be free again.

The Befibrillator

Adeboye Oluwajuyitan. M.D., MSC Cardiology. Author | Artist | Health Coach. I play the piano in my spare time.

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  1. Eduzor

    Wonderful piece boss. This is actually the reality of life.

    1. befibrillator

      Thanks, Eduzor. I totally agree. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece.

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