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No Aphorisms Needed – God’s Intuitive Wisdom. A Day of Gratitude & Expression.

Date of Composition: 17th June 2023 | 20:23 pm PST

Besides the warm weather euphoria, I have had an excellent start to the sixth month of the year. However, after the positive news and emotions that flowed alongside me into the second week of June, I had a slight dip on Friday morning. Looking at the broader picture, this hiccup was especially temporary and insignificant even more so when observed in hindsight, however, during those ‘few’ twenty to thirty minutes, I felt really low and for lack of a more appropriate lexical qualifier, ‘frustrated’ to say the least. 


Getting two of my books, AFROLEON, and RESPECTFUL IDEATION accepted into the public library where I stay is news to keep one brimming for quite some time but I also had a three-week momentum of ‘for the first time in six months, positive weekly lab tests to retain my overall outlook close to the ‘Simcha’ zone. Apparently, something all the specialists forgot to mention or were not aware of was that playing football or semi-intense sports/exercise raises a person’s white blood cells, specifically the neutrophil count. Once I found this out coincidentally, I made sure to increase my playing streak and it subsequently became evident in my weekly blood tests. A third source of joy and probably the most intense of all the three was a new project I embarked on – a decision I made in spite of but also partially as a by-product of the first source of elation.

Photo at Quayside Westminster ©BEFIBRILLATOR

It’s been a long time coming; okay, to some it might not seem too long considering my latest book, Medical School In A Nutshell, was published roughly five months ago. To me, however, I felt like I had created so many poetry pieces that it was now time to collate, organize, and get to work. The mental fishing in the pool containing God’s wisdom and man’s imagination had been done as well as the documentation into language and characters, hence, the succeeding measure was now to turn to the graphic design software programs, something I relish as much as every other step in chapbook creation and publishing. I am currently in that zone and have been working consistently there for the past four to five days. So, as you can imagine, I had lots of endorphins and feel-good hormones in my bloodstream.

Coming to Friday, a day when I was to have my monthly appointment with my healthcare specialist, my rhythm had been destabilized to a great extent, not just because I could only play football once during the prior seven days, but also because my blood test result for the week wasn’t what I wanted to see. Confirming my hypothesis that the football was working, consequently, my white blood cell parameters were low, particularly my neutrophil count as it fell down by three points to very well below normal levels. Apart from that, I just had an off day that morning, slipping and nearly falling while crossing the road at an intersection and getting surprisingly confused with as well as having my plans disrupted a short while later.

Anyway, I made my way to Tipperary Park before going to my medical appointment which was to be held in a building a few blocks away. There, I wanted to sit and try to relax but unfortunately, some kids kept interrupting my ambiance with their loud screams and constant running. A group of maybe twenty kids were at the park as well for sightseeing and playing. It didn’t help that my ThermoFlask fell into a stain on the chair immediately after I had sat down. After about two or three minutes of insecure energy, I decided to retreat a couple hundred feet from where I initially sat and would eventually shoot the video.

I dropped my belongings on a bench by a garbage bin near the park entrance and stood beside it in one spot on the footpath, taking in the environment, while the running kids emancipated their energy, and the birds echoed God’s natural rhythm around the trees. The weather wasn’t the worst in the world but it was relatively damp for a Friday afternoon. Nonetheless, I remained still in my shoes and was able to calm my disposition and nerves, subsequently seeing the kids in a different light — one of freedom within their emotions whilst making the most out of their natural environment. They left about twenty minutes later, still vocalizing and gesticulating, in a line behind whom I suppose were their teachers. While walking back to where I consider one of my favorite park spots, I decided to give gratitude to God for His blessedness, hope, and His intuitive illuminative wisdom that directs our thoughts and feelings into knowing that everything can and will get better.

The Befibrillator

Adeboye Oluwajuyitan. M.D., MSC Cardiology. Author | Artist | Health Coach. I play the piano in my spare time.