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Photo at Quayside Westminster ©BEFIBRILLATOR

It Comes Only Once In a Year. – Marking Off Another Birthday In 2πr Fashion!

Another March 14th has come and gone, and it did not go without me learning something new. If you have read my book, EvolutionR, or some of my poems on medium, you will know that for a long time, I have no longer been amused by the fact that I share this day with Albert Einstein. Even though I’m neither the best of swimmers nor a fan of zodiac signs, I love that I’m a Pisces as my natural pattern of living and embracing this life I have been gifted has always been to cherish everything that is associated with me in any way.

However, I was more than intrigued on this said day to find out that March 14 is International Pi Day (3.14). I found out amusingly while taking a stroll at Quayside park in Westminster, Vancouver and a random lady kept making the peace sign behind my camera while I made a selfie video.

Photo at Quayside Westminster ©BEFIBRILLATOR

I told her it was my birthday and surprisingly it was her son’s birthday as well. Like me, she was in very good spirits and she informed me of this amazing mathematical coincidence which I am also surprised took me a few more seconds than I liked to grasp. When she told me the day was International Pi Day, I initially replied by saying, “I’d rather have pancakes! Come to think of it, I completely forgot to get those; my plate has been so preoccupied with different meals that a to-do action pertaining to food actually slipped my mind — for the first time in nearly a year, if I may add!

Photo at Quayside Westminster ©BEFIBRILLATOR

I enjoyed my stroll around the New Westminster Esplanade and made sure to take a lot of captures for my gallery. Below is a collage of some of the best moments in my video roll. Nature is simply breathtaking!

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