The curtain Raiser

This book of poems covers varying topics; from Racism and discrimination all the way to falling in love.

It is essentially a prelude to the Author’s upcoming memoir which will touch up on many moments of the eight years he spent living in Ukraine as a foreigner.

The Curtain Raiser is divided into five sections with the first about the Author’s frequency or things he admires; a section that includes a poem in his native language, ‘Yoruba’ about how the country will be better, as well as poems about Lagos, and others. The second section is about things he dislikes, including the aforementioned Xenophobia. The third is about his view on the ‘realities’ that we live in. The fourth section is about a love story while the fifth is about a new dawn.

There is a lot of connotation, not just with the words, but also with the bold pictures on all the pages. There is also a poem (a letter) in the Russian language which concludes the section about the love story.