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10 Things I Love About You – Olga B

1. Your playfulness and love for fun and life regardless of who is watching or not; I’ve seen these traits in your old VK profile.


2. Your love for your family, your love for your sister, your love for your mum. Taking care of people when they are ill. And your love for pets and animals as well.


3. Your choice of words; even though I’ve never heard you speak, I can feel the gentle tone but the excitement in your voice.


4. I love your hair, I can’t tell if it’s red or reddish brown since I’ve never seen it in real but I love the length and I can’t wait to take a whiff of its appealing scent.


5. I love the vigor in your life


6. I love your choice of music and movies as well as your love for sharing.


7. I love your quietness when you are void because I feel it shows we all have an emptiness and can be vulnerable sometimes.


8. I love your artistic brain, your talented photography skills (you promised to have a session with me… I’m still waiting), and your eyes for the best views of moments.


9. I love that you are ever generous, helpful, and caring with an open heart.


10. I love your self-respect and self-pride.


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